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Saunders Solutions Incorporated was created to help people improve their credit reports, raise their credit scores, and achieve better financial health. 


The inception of the company was inspired by the founder's experience with poor credit and lack of understanding of how credit works. While repairing her own credit, she realized the huge need to offer financial literacy and credit repair services to people in similar situations, so that they can also achieve long-lasting credit health 


Our areas of focus include credit repair, financial literacy, bankruptcy, repossessions, credit monitoring, identity theft monitoring and protection, financial planning, and budgeting. At Saunders Solutions Incorporated, we understand that not all clients will be in a position to afford credit repair services but may still want to fix their credit situation. For those clients, we do offer a DIY Credit Repair Kit and DIY Assistive Credit Repair Services. We also offer dispute letters for clients at a much lower cost compared to competitor's offerings. 


As a company, we understand that credit damage is only one aspect that affects your credit report. We aim to help our clients with budgeting and financial planning in order to achieve a balanced report that will reflect a positive financial history. We take a methodological approach to financial analysis, specifically designed to position our clients towards a path of sustainable, long-lasting credit health. We also aim to empower people to make sound credit decisions by equipping them with knowledge of the laws created to protect consumers from factors that may be negatively impacting their credit.


Saunders Solutions Incorporated has a team of dedicated, determined, passionate, and self-driven professionals who will stop at nothing to help you repair your credit history by employing over the top analytical skills to evaluate your financial weaknesses and use new ways to turn them into financial strengths. 


Professionalism, honesty, integrity, and ethics are at the center of service delivery at Saunders Solutions Incorporated. We take pride in building a customer-friendly atmosphere for our clients and establish long-lasting relationships. 

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